APG Conference in 2019 with Korchina Group

It is a great honor to invite you to the 1st Annual Conference of the Allied Partners Group, an initiative of the Korchina Logistics Group. The conference allows for close cooperation between Korchina Group and its reliable overseas partners. Currently, Korchina Logistics Group has overseas branches in 18 countries and has collaborated with more than 100 partners in over 50 countries.

The Allied Partners Group is a non-profit association and will be independently managed by board members voted by the APG membership under the policies of "One Country / One Member" and the "Tonnage Exchange Scheme". Details of management direction and membership rules will be discussed and announced at the conference. We believe that there are many opportunities and growth options between the Korchina Group and the Allied Partners Group.

The 1st APG conference will be held in Hong Kong on January 18-19, 2019 as follows:

1) Conference Agenda

  • Session 1 : How to create E-Commerce Logistics
  • Session 2 : How to enhance buying power of Trans Pacific rate and space
  • Conference Schedule

2) Conference Period

January 18-19, 2019 (09:00~17:00 HKT)

3) Conference Venue

TIVOLI Hall, Regal Kowloon Hotel, 71 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong)

4) Other Benefits & Conditions

  • No conference participation fee is required.
  • One on One meeting between members will be arranged.
  • Dinners will be sponsored by Korchina Logistics Group.
  • Hotel Room can be arranged by APG. (Room charge will be approx. HK$1,200/night).

5) Please feel free to contact us or visit the APG website for more details.